Over 50% of men and women are on the wrong hair loss treatment*

You are unique

So why use the same generic topical solution as everyone else?

Our hair DNA test analyzes 48 different genetic variations to curate a custom topical solution that will work for you!

Why Thrix Hair?

Optimal treatment plan

Personalize hair growth formula developed based on your DNA

Faster hair growth results

Noticeable results in 3-6 * months

Reduce unwanted side effects

Take only the products shown to work based on your genetic profile

Stop second guessing

Get the peace of mind that you are using a product for your hair growth needs

The science

Our test has been clinically validated by 1000s of consumers with 99.9% accuracy. We have the only AI driven algorithm for hair loss available on the market

How Thrix Works

The Hair DNA Test

We are offering the only clinically proven DNA test for hair loss based on seven years of optimization and built by a team of experts covering genetics, medical, pharmacy, nutrition and programming.

The test looks at the different pathways and the biomarkers associated with hair loss including circulation, inflammation, metabolism, hormones, and aging.

Before & After

Comparison chart

We know the whole you


Life Style

At-Home Delivery







OTHERS Only know part of you


Life Style

At-Home Delivery

Lifestyle questionnaire

To optimize your hair growth experience we want to learn more about your hair growth goals, family history and current hair loss treatments

Custom questionnaire coming soon…be the first to get the test, by joining our waitlist.

Your custom topical solution

Your custom topical solution is developed using insights from the Thrix proprietary algorithm which combines genetic data and your profile history to select the most appropriate FDA approved ingredients, vitamins, nutrients and minerals from 62 proven options known to stop hair loss and increase hair growth.

In addition to recommending the appropriate ingredients, the test also recommends the appropriate dose of each ingredient for optimal results.

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